Hi, I am Sara Hertwig.

My first great love was photojournalism. Wielding my camera as a civic duty, telling stories that needed to be told – I was shining a light on the darkness and making sure all kinds of stories (even the ugly ones) had a chance to be told.

But it’s no secret that the news industry is undergoing massive changes, and traditional photojournalists just aren’t in high demand.

So I turned my camera away from the streets, and discovered that, in fact, there are stories everywhere I look.

Now I take family photos and professional portraits, work with businesses on brand photography and events, and preserve weddings frame by frame. These interactions and opportunities have become the great joy of my life, and I’m so grateful to have found that every moment, well captured, has a story to share.

I now specialize in using photography as a storytelling medium for weddings, events, and portraits. I’m so proud to say that I’ve created visual stories not just for newspapers, but also for real estate firms, universities, marketing departments, individuals, couples, and families.